Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Monitor & Display 
√ Tyre Pressure
√ Tyre Temperature
√ Car Battery Voltage

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Programmed for Australia
Designed & Made in Taiwan

***Taiwan is well-known for its high quality, durable and affordable electronic technologies.***

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Improved Safety

Instant detection and alarm upon any abnormalities to prevent incidents

Extended Tyre ​Life

Act upon warning to prevent tyre blow-out and keep tyre at the right pressure to prevent tyre wear caused by under-inflation

Decreased Downtime & Maintenance

Reduce downtime caused by under-inflated tyres, reduce the maintenance hassle by checking the pressure on the monitor anytime

Environmental ​Efficiency

Under-inflated tyre release unnecessary carbon-monoxide pollutants

Fuel ​Saving

Improve fuel mileage by keeping the tyre to the proper pressure

Internal Sensors

All sets comes with internal sensors.

Benefits including

√ Safer

√ More durable

√ More cost-effective

The average life of internal sensors for privately owned vehicles are 6+ years. Therefore, for business use vehicles that is on the road all day would be shorter, in saying that, internal sensors have 3~4 times longer battery life than that of the external sensors, which are still more cost-effective and certainly more durable and secure.

***Please note: Installation needs to be carried out by qualified tyre-fitters as these are not capped-on type.

Patended Valve

0° to 40° angle adjustment flexibility allows it to be perfectly fitted on the rim, reducing the chance of contact between tyre and sensor to avoid damage.

About Us

Based in Brisbane since 2016, ORO TPMS Australia is the exclusive distributor of ORO Technology.

ORO has been emphasising the importance of high quality TPMS since 2008, all products are tested rigorously to live up to the strictest safety and quality standards as well as our own high expectations. This approach has made all ORO customers return to us again.

What Clients Say

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"Purchase of the 4wheel TPMS was one of the most sensible actions I have ever done. Since the fitment, I find myself checking tyre pressures, tyre temperatures, and also the very handy digital display of my batteries state of charge...As clubbers we soon learn the importance of deflating tyres for off road but low speed traction on rocks, and in mud and sand...Our tyres are the only contact we have with the surface we are travelling on, and need the best of care from those whose lives depend on them. TPMS is the way to go to achieve that aim, your kids deserve no less."
"The old farm truck is getting a bit high tech. This thing monitors the tyre pressure and temp on the caravan when I'm towing it. Works a treat. Save me checking the mirrors going around corners to see if they still look ok.😃."
"ORO was great to deal with & has loads of features such as auto learning, so when you rotate your wheels you don’t need to change the sensors. It was a breeze to install...It has Instant Leakage alert & a automatic brightness which dims automatically at night. Very happy and would recommend to those looking to get the most out of their tires."
For those who tow regularly, a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can be considered essential equipment....we wouldn’t tow our caravan without one. The consequences of not having a TPMS can be dire...replacement cost of tyres... risk of a tyre blow out ...possibility of a major incident and/or accident if a blowout causes your tow vehicle or caravan to become unbalanced and out of control. We went for the ORO Towsafer model which is designed specifically for a car plus a single or tandem axle trailer...with internal sensors purely because of the convenience when inflating or deflating tyres...more secure. You’re not going to damage the internal sensor on a gutter, a log or a water crossing and you’re not going to lose one because it’s come loose and flies off into the ether at 100kph. You’re also not going to get them knocked off by someone who wants a few spare sensors for themselves. Being involved in the tyre game for a lot of years, I have also seen external sensors damage the tubeless valve stem through constant centrifugal force. Of course internal sensors don’t have this issue. ​​Once up and running, this system worked flawlessly. It pares quickly, it recognises sensors quickly and it’s super accurate. I played around with tyre pressures and the sensors picked up the slightest change. Once you set your parameters, if the air pressure drops below or climbs above your preset level an alarm will sound. The temperature sensors are just as accurate. I like the head unit much more than the Masten. The ORO unit is smaller, easier to mount and is colour, not monochrome, so it’s very easy to take in the information displayed at a glance. ​All in all I’m super happy with the ORO TPMS. It does everything it supposed to, it accurate, robust and easy to use. ​For those who are interested you can find out more at www.orotpms.com.au 4.5 stars.


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Email enquiry@orotpms.com.au

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