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ORO TPMS Australia is the Australia exclusive distributor of ORO Technology.
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TPMS professional, ORO is a trustworthy well-known company in Taiwan that specialises in innovating, developing and manufacturing high quality tyre pressure monitoring systems for vehicles from 2 wheels to 22 wheels. ​ TPMS Supplier of TOYOTA Taiwan.

ORO TPMS Features

S.A.L. Function

(model W410-A and W417-A series) Smart Auto Leaning function enables the display unit to pick up the new tyre positions automatically after tyre rotation. Save time for manually set up the new tyre positions during car service.

Rapid Air Leaking Reminder

Instant detection and reminder of a tyre puncture to prevent the chance of tyre blow-out and any incidents it may cause.

Dimming LED Display

Makes monitoring even more enjoyable

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