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TowSafer was specially designed for vehicles towing single/tandem axle caravans, campers or trailers. It monitors and displays all tyres’ information, which saves the driver’s from going to the back and check the trailer’s tyres.

The display unit take turns to display all tyre pressures and tyre temperatures while showing car battery voltage at all time.

(Due to the limited after-sales customer service availability, this model is currently only available for purchase within Brisbane region and surrounding areas, we apologise for the inconvenience it may cause.)



(Due to the limited after-sales customer service availability, this model is currently only available for purchase within Brisbane region and surrounding areas, we apologise for the inconvenience it may cause.)

Why ORO TowSafer is the best choice when it comes to towing?

TowSafer keeps your caravan / trailer tyre monitoring to the easiest, simplest and affordable!

The only reliable TPMS model requires only one display unit to monitor all tyres on your car and towed vehicle.

Display unit auto changes the number of wheels to monitor depends on what is hooked-up at the back.

What are the variation selections?

If you have a spare tyre that you wish to monitor, we have it covered for you too! Simply select “with spare tyre” and add to your cart.

Axle type selection allows you to choose how many wheels your caravan or trailer has.

If you have more than one caravan or trailer to swap, then contact us to discuss the additional accessories you require.

Contents in every TowSafer sets

  • Display unit: shows tyre information and does all the settings.Act as a receiver picking up signals sent from sensors.
    Comes with a display unit power cable, display unit holder with flexible adjustable angles and one set of 3M sticker and velcro.
  • 6, 7, 8 or 9 internal sensors, aluminium valves and Nylok screws. (depends on the axle type and spare tyre option you select.)
  • Relay: It is waterproof and recommended to install at the front of caravan/trailer.
    Built-in antenna receives the signals from sensors, the relay then sends out the tyre information to the display unit upon hooking up.
    Also need to set up the axle type on the relay.
  • One relay power cable and quick coupler for easy connection.
  • Two antennas : one connects to the display unit.
    Another one is the extra antenna for connecting to the relay if the built-in antenna is not strong enough to pick up the signals.
  • Antenna holder and some cable ties to help set up the antenna and cables neat and tidy.
  • One sensor tool : to trigger the sensors to send out signals when set up the tyre locations.
  • One user manual: installation and setting guidance.

Additional information

Spare tyre option


Axle type

Single Axle, Tandem Axle

Sensor / Transmitter Specification

Battery Life  5~ 7 years
 Power Supply  3.0 V Lithium battery
 Operating Humidity  Max 95%
 Storage Temperature  -40 ℃ to 125 ℃
 Operating Temperature  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃
 Transmitting Power  Max 5 dBm
 Transmitting Frequency  433.92 MHz
 Pressure Monitoring Range  0 ~ 188 psi ( or 0~13 bar)
 Pressure Reading Accuracy  ±4 psi ( ± 0.3 bar)
 Temperature Monitoring Range  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃
 Temperature Reading Accuracy  ±3 ℃
 Module Weight  30g ± 1g

Display Unit / Receiver Specification

Power Supply  DC 9V ~ 16V
 Operating Humidity  Max 95%
 Operating Current  <100mA at DC 24V
 Storage Temperature  -30℃ to 85 ℃
 Operating Temperature  -25℃ to 85 ℃
 Pressure Display Range  0 ~ 188 psi ( or 0~13 bar)
 Temperature Display Range  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃


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* Low vehicle battery & low sensor battery reminder.

* High pressure/ Low pressure/ High temperature reminder.

* Colour LED display auto-adjusts brightness for minimised glare.

* Pressure unit options: psi, KPa and bar; Temperature unit options: ℃ and ℉.

* Audible and visual warning when tyre pressure and temperature exceeds set parameter.

* Instant detection of a puncture, warning upon rapid pressure loss (vary 3+ psi in 30 sec).

what make Internal Sensor better option

All sets comes with internal sensors.

Benefits including

√ Safer   √ More durable   √ More cost-effective

The average life of internal sensors battery for privately-owned vehicles are 6+ years, which are 3~4 times longer than that of the external type.
As installed inside the tyres, they need not be touched at all when pumping the tyres, which reduces the chance of getting damaged.

Please note:
* Installation requires qualified tyre-fitters as these are not capped-on types.
* Once the battery runs out, simply replace with a new sensor.


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Warranty Policy

Warranty is 24 months from the date of original purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If, during this period, the product fails under normal usage, because of a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the item. To obtain repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty, please return the product to the place of purchase. Proof of purchase and date of purchase are required to validate the warranty claim. In the event where proof of purchase is unable to be determined, it is not covered by the warranty.

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