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W410-A is suitable for 4 wheels vehicles.

Keep the driver informed all the time and alert upon any abnormalities, it monitors and displays real-time pressures and temperatures of 4 tyres as well as the vehicle’s battery voltage.

It is also available for monitoring the tandem trailer or caravan only.



What makes ORO W410-A so special?

  • Integrated new technology – S.A.L. Smart-Auto-Logic- auto relearning of tyre position after tyre rotation.
    After tyre rotation, the display unit will pick up the new tyre positions automatically after 3 minutes of driving above 25km/hr.
  • Standard pressure range has specially programmed from 10 to 60 psi to suit different driving conditions such as beach, off-road…etc.
  • 4 warning percentages options for high pressure and low pressure, which can be set according to drivers’ driving conditions.
    *If you have special setting requirements, contact us to discuss further.

What are the variation selections?

Currently, valves are available in rubber or metal.

If you wish to monitor just the tyres on the caravan/trailer, there is a choice to add a booster. A booster enhances the receptions of the signals.

Contents in every W410-A sets

  • Display unit: shows tyre information and does all the settings.
    Act as a receiver picking up signals sent from sensors.
    Comes with a display unit power cable, display unit holder with flexible adjustable angles and one set of 3M sticker and velcro.
  • 4 internal sensors, valves and Nylok screws.
  • One user manual: installation and setting guidance.

Additional information

Valve Type



with Booster, without Booster

Sensor/Transmitter Specification

 Battery Life  5~ 7 years
 Power Supply  3.6 V Lithium battery
 Operating Humidity  Max 95%
 Storage Temperature  -40 ℃ to 125 ℃
 Operating Temperature  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃
 Transmitting Power  Max 75 dBμv/m
 Transmitting Frequency  433.92 MHz
 Pressure Monitoring Range  0 ~ 116 psi (or 0~800 kPa or 0~8 bar)
 Pressure Reading Accuracy  ±1 psi (or ±7 kPa ; ± 0.1 bar)
 Temperature Monitoring Range  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃
 Temperature Reading Accuracy  ±3 ℃
 Module Weight  13.3g ± 1g


Display/Receiver Specification

 Power Supply  DC 9V ~ 16V
 Operating Humidity  Max 95%
 Operating Current  <200mA at DC 12V
 Storage Temperature  -30℃ to 85 ℃
 Operating Temperature  -25℃ to 85 ℃
 Pressure Display Range  0 ~ 116 psi (or 0~800 kPa or 0~8 bar)
 Temperature Display Range  -30 ℃ to 115 ℃

3 reviews for W410-A

  1. admin

    Review from Amanda Lin, Dentist, Brisbane

    Perfect tyre pressure monitoring system ORO W410-A

    I had tyre pressure monitoring system installed recently , it was so easy to set up and easy to understand. I have to drive a long way to work everyday , so after Oro 410-A installed , I felt a lot safer on the road. I really glad I have the monitor installed . Now I am telling everyone to installed the system 😀

    (Review copied from ProductReview at

  2. admin

    Review from Blue Leader 888 (Facebook user)

    5 stars for W410-A TPMS

    5 years ago I purchased a ORO Tyre Pressure Monitoring System directly from Taiwan which I fitted into my Mitsubishi Pajero and it has weekend flawlessly. When you love 4WD driving and travel on the beach and out in the outback it is extremely important to know what is happening with your Tyre pressures as it can mean the difference between having a safe and happy time or an absolute disaster. The ORO system saved me at least 3 times when I was running a certain brand of Tyres. On 3 different occasions that brand of Tyres had split in the tread and the ORO TPMS alarm went off and I was able to slow down before anything drastic had happened. Recently I purchased a Mazda BT50 Duel Cab Ute and I definitely wanted to put in a TPMS system into it as I believe you should never drive without this type of safety system, I only wanted the ORO TPMS system as my previous unit worked so well. After contacting the factory they informed me that they now have a distributor in QLD Australia. I now have the W410-A and it is even better than the first ORO system I purchased. It is nice and small it monitors your battery and your Tyre pressure as well as the Tyre temperature. The best part about this new unit is that you can lower the sensor alarm so when you want to let down your Tyres for sand driving the alarm doesn’t drive you crazy. The W410-A is also smart enough to reprogram itself as to where each wheel is after you have has your general Tyre rotation, it takes all the thinking out of safety and just lets you enjoy your drive. Check them out at and go and see the guys at Goodyear to purchase and have it installed.

    (Review copied from ProductReview at

  3. admin

    Review from Dean C., Terminal Coordinator, Brisbane

    A big surprise.

    This is a product I wouldn’t have brought myself, but a great friend thought about my safety and bought it for me. When I fitted a set of new tyres to my 1990 landcruiser I had the TPMS installed at the same time. As I drove out of the tyre shop I noticed that the tyre pressures were all different, first big tick for the new product. The second big tick came when I plugged a fridge into my car and I was able to see the drain from the battery as well. what I find to be most useful with this product is the visual queue that it gives me if something is amiss with my tyres or battery. I will be installing one for sure in my wifes car when we put a new set of tyres on it as then I wont have to ask if she has checked them. I haven’t yet used this product off-road but when I do i will be updating this review.


    This product has allowed me to fix 2 punctures before I even realized that I had them, a 4 pound drop in pressure alerted me to investigate further. great piece of mind.

    (Review copied from ProductReview at

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* Low vehicle battery & low sensor battery reminder.

* High pressure/ Low pressure/ High temperature reminder.

* Colour LED display auto-adjusts brightness for minimised glare.

* Pressure unit options: psi, KPa and bar; Temperature unit options: ℃ and ℉.

* Audible and visual warning when tyre pressure and temperature exceeds set parameter.

* Instant detection of a puncture, warning upon rapid pressure loss (vary 3+ psi in 30 sec).

what make Internal Sensor better option

All sets comes with internal sensors.

Benefits including

√ Safer   √ More durable   √ More cost-effective

The average life of internal sensors battery for privately-owned vehicles are 6+ years, which are 3~4 times longer than that of the external type.
As installed inside the tyres, they need not be touched at all when pumping the tyres, which reduces the chance of getting damaged.

Please note:
* Installation requires qualified tyre-fitters as these are not capped-on types.
* Once the battery runs out, simply replace with a new sensor.


Free shipping within Australia from Brisbane to nominated address.

Warranty Policy

Warranty is 24 months from the date of original purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If, during this period, the product fails under normal usage, because of a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the item. To obtain repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty, please return the product to the place of purchase. Proof of purchase and date of purchase are required to validate the warranty claim. In the event where proof of purchase is unable to be determined, it is not covered by the warranty.

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